About us

«Ortex Investments Ltd.»

More than 20 years experience
has been operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan!

Legay Aleksandr Sergeevich
President & CEO of «Ortex Investments Ltd.»

Rapidly developing and constantly expanding its scope activity, Ortex Investments Ltd succeed in short period become one of the leading company in the market of Uzbekistan

Offering favorable terms to our partners for cooperation, we have gained a good reputation and secured the trust of regular customers. The hallmark of Ortex Investments Ltd is the observance of corporate principles and business ethics, strict adherence to clients' interests, legitimacy of operations and compliance with international standards.


Ortex Investments Ltd. (Great Britain) has been functionalizing in the market of Uzbekistan that specializes in the supply of equipment and machinery for state institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and also actively participates in the implementation of investment projects for the development of industries since 1998. As the current events unfold in the market of Uzbekistan, the company has affiliated reliable links with ministries and enterprises of the Republic.

While following the implementation, we began to implement turn-key projects, further influenced the development and expansion of our company.

Nowadays, one of the main areas of Ortex Investments Ltd is the design, construction and installation of pump and power units. In this direction, Ortex Investments LTD successfully has an association with the Ministry of Water Resources on investment projects for the rehabilitation of pump stations in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A team of experienced managers, wide connections, sufficient technical resources give opportunity to company participate in the development, management and implementation of projects. Our company has all essential skills and capabilities to ensure the financing of each project in accordance with the requirements of the client.

Ortex Investments Ltd guarantees the implementation of projects with a high level of quality and service, like:

  • A large staff of qualified specialists;
  • A wide range of services;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Extensive work experience;
  • Corporation with foreign companies;
  • Supportability with necessary equipment.